We Run Philly

Nobody’s even here to see my clever edits to things. (The name is Stranger, not Nobody) And I suppose at this point we should be running Chicago.

Let’s talk about our GM and why she’s so good. I like running in her games because she doesn’t seem to be trying to ramrod a story down our throats and is content to let us craft the world based on our actions. Not bad eh?

Her choice of color is a bit questionable though. Magenta? Really?

(It was the auto-option for this background!! I can change it back if you like!!!)

I was fond of the yellow
So I just found out why Stranger hates jumpsuits… apparently the whole Laesa team you guys took out were wearing urban jumpsuits the whole time

I uploaded Run & Gun here Nope Nope Nope

Shadows of Philadelphia

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